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Zaynab Zaynab arrived at the center where we worked in Ma’an with her parents, unable to sit on her own, much less move about. This picture shows the delight in her father’s face as he encouraged her to propel herself in her new wheelchair. The smile on Zaynab’s face was just as big!
Afnan Afnan has spina bifida with no sensation or movement in her lower body. She got around by pulling herself on her tummy, resulting in open sores on the top of her feet. This sight became common to us as we worked with children like her in Jordan. In her new wheelchair she can get around independently without injuring herself, look other children in the eye and maybe go to school!
Faris Faris met us when his mother sent him in a car after she heard about wheelchairs received by others in their community a week earlier. He became paraplegic 6 years ago, and had four pressure sores on his seat, lower back and one hip – untreated, a life threatening condition. He was sitting in a basic folding wheelchair with no seat cushion (unheard of in North America). We sent him home with a wheelchair configured for his needs, a pressure relief seat cushion and an intensive short course on self care for pressure management and wheelchair skills.
Dana Dana was not on our list, but her therapist came as we finished in Amman, hoping to find a wheelchair for her. Leaving for Irbid the next day, we gave him a chair we hoped would be appropriate and arranged to meet later for fitting, paperwork and pictures. The next week we met Dana; she is very stiff with severe cerebral palsy, but the wheelchair was almost a perfect fit with only minor adjustments needed. Best of all, her family joyfully reported that since receiving the chair, she had said 4 words for the first time in her 8˝ years! Her new ability to control part of her body had already changed her life.
Adel Yasmeen
Adel was on our advance list of children to receive wheelchairs, but on the big day he arrived with his sister Yasmeen who needed a wheelchair as well. In Jordan we found many instances of two, three or even four children with disabilities in the same family – often with the same condition. These children are carried by their parents or older siblings, or they must stay in the house. We were able to provide two wheelchairs, custom fit for each child in this family.





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