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September 2005

Dear Friends:

You will recall that in September 2005 we funded the educational advancement of 28 students in Cameroon. While you will have already received an update on this project, I just received a second batch of letters from the students we supported (and their families) and thought I'd at least share one with you.

Thanks as ever for your support.

I live in a small village in Cameroon called Ngeh Makopihle [and I] travel about 1 kilometers to school every day. We always leave home at about 6:00am every day and reach home at 4:30pm; however I still do this joyfully because I want to know something. My parents are mere farmers. The land the work is hilly and poor of plants they harvest just very little crops every year due to soil erosion and not minding the little they harvest they still sell some of these crops and manage us in school. We are two of us in the secondary school and three others in the primary school but our parents have always been struggling for our need in school though [they] could not meet them all.

I thank you and the club for the scholarship awarded to students that also came to me. This helped me to pay school fees, buy an umbrella, a school bag and a pair of shoes. I have remained in class this year throughout and I feel happy to work hard for more knowledge to be stored. My target as a student is to be a teacher and this I dream of every day and night and my dream would come true through your assistance.

Yours, Bantar Comfort Wepnyu
Another letter from one of the students

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