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February 2006

Currently in Zatik orphanage there are living 124 children. Some of children who want to have higher education after secondary school due to their mental abilities they need to have extra educational private training to be able to reach their goals. In addition, there are some Universities that have instituted even higher exam requirements for students who wish to pursue higher learning. Each year we solved the above-mentioned problem by holding private classes from different subjects.

This academic year 9 Zatik Children graduated from secondary school. Some of them are continuing their education in the higher educational systems:

The list of children how accomplished their 10th class this year and graduated, it follows:
    Minasyan Anush, Information State College, Programmer Department
    Vardanyan Arpine, "Hay Busak" University, Pharmacist Department
    Pipoyan Mariam, "Hay Busak" University, Nurse Department
    Aghaganyan Anna, Panos Terlemezian-Art College, Designer Department
    Zakharyan Armine, Panos Terlemezian-Art College, Ceramic Department
    Zakharyan Karine, Pedagogical University of Khatchur Abovyan, Department of Psychology and Pedagogy
    Adelina Shalmoglyan, University of Culture, Department of Translation
    Edgar Nahapetyan, "Interlingva" linguistics University, Department of French
This study year two boys Yeprem Karapetyan (who tried to pass entrance exams in the State Economic University) and Andranik Arshakyan (who tried to pass entrance exams in the State Polytechnic University) could not pass their entrance exams because they could not gain enough marks. So now they are again taking private lessons and they will have one more chance to apply for next year.

The 4 children how accomplished their 5th – 7th class this study year and by passing entrance exams now they are studding in the College of State Polytechnic University. List of children follows:
    Ghazaryan Oksana, State Polytechnic University, College
    Shadunts Lilit, State Polytechnic University, College
    Hakobyan Gagik, State Polytechnic University, College
    Karamanukyan Harut, State Polytechnic University, College
As you know educational process is continuing in Zatik Orphanage and in this process mainly involved the children from 8th till 10th classes.

Next study year we will have 10 children who will graduate from secondary school. Some of them are involved 3 different subjects’ main time. Now 21 children are involved in private lessons.

I would like to express my appreciation for your great support which enables us in order to organize private lessons for Zatik Orphanage children last study year. And now you can see its result.

With my thankfulness!
Ashot Mnatsakanya
Director of "Zatik" Orphanage

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