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March 2006

The following is a list of items purchased and delivered in support of 230 orphan and unaccompanied children living at Loi Tai Leng IDP village on the Thailand/Shan State, Burma border. Funds were drawn from a generous donation of $2,910 from the $10 Dollar Club ( www.tendollarclub.com ) and a $1,000 donation from a private individual.

Money was spent carefully with most items purchased at bulk discount stores and includes large size containers. The majority of items were delivered at the end of August of 2006. Delivery of the items was supervised by the top Shan commander with his personal guarantee that all the items are specifically earmarked for the children.

The rice shipment was particularly important because of food shortages brought on by the rainy season and restricted access and transportation. The rice was transferred to 4x4 pick-up trucks to get it up to the camp. A large quantity of spices was also provided to help ‘spice up’ the meals for the children.

Description Quantity Remark
tooth paste (big) 24 tubes with powder
tooth paste (small) 130 tubes  
gas head (for cooking) 2 sets  
sandals 204 pairs  
baby powder 4 packs  
baby powder (snake brand) 12 packs  
Cookie - 3 large tins  
mosquito coil 7 packs  
coffee 8 big packs  
dry fish 2 bags  
milk powder 6 packs  
shampoo 3  
soap liquid 3  
plastic cover 3 sheets  
tooth paste (big) 24 tubes  
rope 1 roll  
Rice 45kgs each 150 bags (14,880 lbs.)
plastic sheeting 5 rolls  
Cooking Oil 4  
Cookies – 7 large tins  
Noodles (Ma Ma) 16 x 2  
Ovaltine 10  
Coconut cream 4  
Fish sauce mix 6  
Pepper sauce 4  
Sweet sauce 2  
Canned fish 280  
Shrimp paste 36  
Pepper 36  
Salt – iodized 6 2 kilo bags
a mixture sauce 2  
Chicken sauce 1  
Oyster sauce 3  
Canned Tuna (large) 5  
Noodles (ba-mee) 1  
Toothbrush 12 x 9  
Toothpaste 12 x 23  
Red glue 5  
Powdered milk 8  
Chicken powder 2  
Caneball Net 1  
Caneball (ta-grau) 2  
Chess game 4  
Stack game 1  
Word up game 1  
The legend of Genius game 1  
Bingo game 1  
Cross word game 1  
Dart board game 1  
Math game 1  
Football (soccer balls) 2  
Ascorbic acid Vitamin C 7 (1000 tablets)
Vitamin C Patar 2 (1000 tablets)
Patar cod liver oil 2 (1000 tablets)
Vitamin B complex 3 (1000 tablets)
Multivitamin 4 (1000 tablets)
Ferrous Sulfate 2 (1000 tablets)
FBC Vitamin & minerals 3 (2000 tablets)
Previous Shipment
280 toothbrushes and 280 tubes of toothpaste

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