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May 2006

Between September 2 and 14, 2006, Eleanore’s Project provided 188 custom wheelchairs in 8 different locations in the country of Jordan. 156 of these were fit by our team of wheelchair specialists comprised of three occupational therapists, one physical therapist and a wheelchair technician. We also taught a one day course on wheelchair seating to therapists attending from around the country. Eleven of the wheelchairs provided were sponsored by the Ten Dollar Club.

Each individual was assessed by a therapist with advanced skills in wheelchair seating and mobility. Some cases required hours for completion of custom seating systems; others were much simpler. Of utmost importance was that each person received what he or she needed – equipment that was unobtainable in Jordan, tailored to individual needs, with instruction in how to use it and contacts for follow-up care.

This was in contrast to the usual model of wheelchair provision in Jordan and most developing countries. In a standard of care unacceptable in North America, basic folding wheelchairs are given to people with disabilities regardless of their individual needs. Charitable organizations provide these basic wheelchairs fairly regularly, but several sources in Jordan informed us that we are the first to focus on specialized wheelchairs for children and those with severe disabilities. The following stories of several individuals helped by the Ten Dollar Club sponsorships serves to illustrate the importance of our focus on individual needs and striving for the quality of care we expected for our own daughter Eleanore, for whom our organization was named: 2006 Project Photos.

Many thanks to the Ten Dollar Club, for sharing in the mission of Eleanore’s Project and giving new hope to these individuals and their families!

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