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October 2006

Report on the construction of three classrooms and a school office in Kisala Singa, Democratic Republic of Congo (translated from French) --October 2006 project

  1. Introduction

    On June 28-29 we went to the Madiakoko region which goes from Kisala Singa to Kobo Ngoyi in the Nganda Tsundi/Maduda area with Ian Redmond as part of a Great Apes Survival Project (GRASP) mission. While we stayed in a local village, the population explained the problems that are the cause of their under-development. Among these problems, we chose to address illiteracy due to the lack of schools near the village (the closest school is 10 kilometers away). Children of less than 10 years old have problems going to school because of the length of the trip. Monsieur Ian Redmond promised that he could help with building 3 classrooms and a school office in the village to allow children younger than 10 years old to go to school (i.e. children in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade).

    Once back in Europe, Mr. Ian Redmond was able to contact his friend Mr. Adam of The $10 Club in the US. The latter did not hesitate to contribute to relieve the misery of our brothers and we are expressing our warmest thanks. They gave us US $ 3,300 which we were able to withdraw on October 14, 2006 in the city of Boma.

  2. Building Work done

    1. The following were built: a building with three classrooms built in conformity with standard measurements for classrooms of this age group, and a school office with two rooms.

    2. Other work done: leveling of the ground, building of a stone foundation for the building, building of the walls, framing of the roof, flooring of the classrooms and of the school office, roofing, inclusion of school boards in each classroom on the cement wall (one per classroom), sawing of some of the components of the wooden frame for the roof (which was done with a rented chain saw which required gas and oil), transport of building material.

  3. Allocation of the funds received

    Transport to and from Boma and stay in Boma to withdraw the funds allocated: $21 Purchase of roofing shingles: $1500 Purchase of 25 bags of cement: $625 Purchase of 70 liters of gas: $98 Purchase of 24 kilograms of nails: $50 Purchase of 7 liters of lubricant: $20 Renting chain saw to saw the wooden frame of the roof and other wooden material: $250 Invoice for hired help (used for the paving work and the construction work): $300 Invoice for the framing and roofing: $200 Transport of building material: $128 Cost of food supplies for 6 people for 4 weeks: $108

  4. Difficulties encountered and Conclusion

    We started construction in the middle of the rainy season when it rains throughout the day and consequently had difficulties accessing the road going from Tshela to Kisala Singa. Transportation of construction materials was made difficult - roof shingles were transported by the population of the village from Nganda Tsundi which is 22 kilometers away from Kisala Singa.

    I would like to inform you that we were able to obtain the approval of provincial authorities in charge of primary and secondary education which are necessary to make this school an accredited school.

    I would like to thank you in the name of all of those involved (population, authorities, my family and myself) for the help. I wish long life to the 10$ club and I thank you for the help provided to DRC and to the world.

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