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Program Description: One Acre Fund

The mission of One Acre Fund is to empower persistently hungry farm families in East Africa to pull themselves permanently out of poverty. We deliberately serve some of the poorest people in the world, clients with an average under-five child mortality rate of 14% and a median land-holding of one acre. Most of our clients are women, supporting an average of five children per household.

Our goal is to help our clients double their farm income. We provide farmers in Kenya and Rwanda with financing, farm inputs, education, and market access—mostly for staple crops like maize, potato, sweet potato, and beans. This complete service model makes it possible for any poor farmer who simply works hard to achieve a 100% increase in farm income. We provide all the “tools” that she needs to be successful.

Use of Ten Dollar Club Funds

One Acre Fund was granted $3,500 for our Seed and Fertilizer Fund by the Ten Dollar Club. This money was provided to supply 35 Rwandan farm families (with approximately 175 children in these families) with bundles of seed and fertilizer to plant beans in the March 2009 short rain season.

In February 2009, One Acre Fund farm families in Rwanda began plowing their fields to prepare for the upcoming planting cycle. The $3,500 grant from the Ten Dollar Club was used to purchase seeds and fertilizer for 35 Rwandan families. These inputs were delivered in the last week of February and farmers were trained by field staff on how to use them correctly. In March 2009, the rains began to fall in Rwanda, signaling the start of the long-rain season. After three days of rain, the farmers worked together in groups to help each other plant their fields. On average, each farm family planted ¼ acre of beans.

Beans will be harvested in July 2009. On average, One Acre Fund’s families double their farm income (after repaying the organization for the inputs provided). This core impact metric is based on a large sample survey that involves physically weighing the harvests of our farmers vs. control farmers to calculate their farm profitability.

A vital aspect of our program is repayment. Farmers repay us for the seeds and fertilizer provided, and are encouraged to begin repaying in small increments over the course of the season. In Rwanda, 29% of farmers have already started repaying their seed and fertilizer credits. This means that the money provided by the Ten Dollar Club to help 35 farm families will be reinvested into One Acre Fund’s Rwanda program, allowing us to enroll many more families in the next planting season.

Attached photos:
  1. Rwandan farm families attend a training session
  2. Input delivery – farm families are provided with seeds and fertilizer
  3. A farmer reviews her instruction sheet before planting
  4. A farmer applies compost to her field

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