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Thanks to the money donated by The $10 Club we have been able to treat more people by starting new Outreach Homeopathy Clinics for those people most in need in Maun, Botswana. In particular we have started new clinics in isolated villages within reach of Maun such as the village of Kareng. On this clinic day we get up with the sunrise, put our remedies, client notes and a packed lunch to share with everyone in our 4WD truck and set off. On the way we pick up Alex and Wasanapi, our homeopathy trainees who interpret for us at the clinics. It’s a long drive and the last part is on a gravel road so it takes us nearly 3 hours to get there. Kareng village is a desolate place. There used to be a river running close by but it has dried up with the drought over the last 5 years. People still living in the village get by on some farming and government handouts. There is no electricity or phone connections. When we arrive we are greeted by the Chief and then we introduce ourselves to the nurses in the small clinic. They suggest we give an impromptu talk to the people waiting for treatment there so this is what we do, emphasising that homeopathy is a complementary medicine to be taken alongside the Anti-Retroviral Medicine prescribed by the Doctor. Then, after setting up our clinic in the ‘village hall’, people who are living with HIV and AIDS queue patiently to be seen. Our work begins.

The cases we see there vary from mild skin rashes to mental or terminal illness. Because homeopathy is a medicine which treats the person not the disease itself, it is suitable and safe for everyone, regardless of age, illness or prescribed medications. There is no rush - we take our time to listen to everyone who comes for treatment. We don’t just ask for information about the physical ailments but also any stresses, worries or sadness that people may be experiencing. Homeopathy is a holistic medicine so we take account of all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing. At the end of each consultation, again time is taken to decide on the prescription. We involve the trainees as much as possible in this so that they learn from the clinics as much as from their study course. The homeopathic medicines we prescribe last for 1 month.

After a short break, when we sit under the shade of a Mophane tree and eat our packed lunch, we continue the clinic. By 4pm we stop as we have a long journey home. In total we have treated 20 clients and have arranged to come back in a month’s time. It is dark when we get back to Maun and we are tired but satisfied, knowing that we have completed a good day’s work for people who are in desperate need.

We are now very well established in Maun and there is an outreach clinic every day Monday to Friday at a different location and in partnership with a different organisation. Clients hear about us through word of mouth and many are referred by the HIV Unit at the local hospital. Mondays and Thursdays we are based at The Lutheran Church close to the hospital. This is our biggest ‘walk-in’ clinic. On the other days we do clinics at our other partner agencies for their clients – Maun Counselling Centre, Women Against Rape, Bana Ba Letsatsi (an organisation which supports street children) and Boseja HIV Support Group. Here people in the support group have written a song about how homeopathy has helped them and often we can hear them singing as we carry out the clinic.

Everyone who consults us receives a free homeopathic prescription for one month. This prescription acts by boosting the immune system so once well people don’t need to keep taking the medicine. Often we experience people coming back for treatment after feeling well for 1-2 years following their initial course of homeopathy. Then it might be that they undergo a particular stress or trauma and their health relapses. This is when they come back to see us again for another prescription. It is heartening to hear how peoples’ lives are transformed by our intervention – their lives are still hard but often they say “I feel better, homeopathy gives me the strength to carry on.”

It is thanks to you as donors to The $10 Club that we have been able to continue our clinics for people living with HIV and AIDS in Maun, and prescribe the homeopathic medicines which contribute to making a positive difference to their lives. Thank you.

Hilary Fairclough
The Maun Homeopathy Project

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