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October 2009 Grant Recipient: Beginning of Life, Moldova, Report

$3,400 was given to Beginning of Life in Moldova, a former soviet republic in Eastern Europe to support their work with HIV/AIDs and sex trafficking victims. Due to the confidentiality required to protect their identity, individual faces cannot be shared. The Ten Dollar Club grant has been used to purchase food packets, toiletries and personal care products. One U.S. Dollar is multiplied nearly 10-13 times in the country of Moldova and can provide material assistance to 10 victims for an entire year. These socially disadvantaged individuals, include single mothers, children and disabled men. HIV/AIDs victims are in serious need of constant and saturated diet, helping to maintain a stable level of the immune system. Your financial assistance can save these people from acute malnutrition and the deterioration of not only physical but also emotional and psychological health.

Moldova is also feeling the effects of the economic crisis and a sharp decline in living standards. Additionally the political crisis to attain power in the recent elections exacerbated an already volatile situation in the republic at the beginning of 2010. The population was primarily affected by a sharp increase in taxes for public utilities, prices for food, medicines and basic necessities. Also because of rising unemployment and the abolition of certain social benefits, many families stay on the brink of utter poverty and even starvation. Therefore, at the moment, socially unprotected parts of the population, and especially HIV/AIDs victims have acute needs for basic personal hygiene products and assistance for food.

We share two testimonies from people your giving has helped.
Svetlana: "Iím a single mother and with my young son we live in a rented old apartment. 8 years ago I received HIV infection from my husband. He died from AIDS a year ago. And now I'm trying to bring up my little son, thankfully, he escaped being infected. I'm working, but the salary is too small to cover all the expenses and needs for food, rent and all bills which now increased two to three times. My salary many times is detained several months, itís one of the ways businesses misuse their employees. In addition from the beginning of this year social welfare for the child of single mothers was canceled. It is clear that, this miserable 75 Moldovan lei ($6 US dollars per month) was not enough, but without it we struggle even more and living is even harder. And thank God, that exists such organizations as "Beginning of life" where we every month get a grocery bag and hygiene bag. Receiving this package, we are trying to stretch it for a month and so we survive in this difficult time. Without this help I with my baby would begin to starve, and then I probably wouldnít have strength to work and get the crumbs. So, good that there are still good people in this world."
Constantine (26) Being HIV positive, he has hard health problems. Doctor detected brain tumor. He is very weak and cannot work, support himself. His parents died. Constantine has an aunt, but she is scared by his sickness and doesn't want to care about him:

"I am absolutely hopeless. I have no strength to even go outside, so I keep lying in bed. But every time when the door of my room is opening Adelia (volunteer, social worker, "Beginning of life") and brings me food, I began to cherish hopes that all is not lost. Thank you."
Beginning of Life is a non-government organization started for the love of Godís people especially the deprived and marginalized in society. "Beginning of Life" consists of 15 full and part time employees, including social workers, psychologist, social educators and graduates in other areas where BOL is ministering.

In addition to the core team, there are regularly about 60 volunteers that help in serving those in need. If we talk specifically about the program of assistance to people living with HIV, may be noted:

Yulia Ubeyvolk, provides psychological counseling and carry on mutual support groups of people living with HIV. Bachelor and Master of Psychology, BTh
Natalia Klapanyuk, social worker. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), the student of M.S.W.
Irina Rotaru, social worker, B.S.W.
Paul Poperechnyi, BTh, MA, MDiv. Conducts spiritual lessons in a group of HIV
Adelia Kuliev, volunteer, social worker, a student of the CTE, Social work faculty
Olga, CTE student, social work faculty. holds Dramatherapy, volunteer
Svetlana Firsova, volunteer, conducts art therapy.
Tatiana Demetieva, volunteer.

We want to say this to the individuals who donated the money: People who have an opportunity this year to receive food packages know that they are not left in the lurch and alone, but God found good people Ďyouí who want to share with them the warmth and richness of His love. Thank you!

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