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Hi Adam,

On behalf of the Mambanje School and community I wish to thank you so very much for the provision of water to the children and community which had gone for years without water.

The school has always wanted to have a safe and reliable water supply but had failed to get funds for the project up until your donation came in handy.

The survey was undertaken in the month of May 2010 followed by drilling on the 10 June 2010. The company that came to drill is a renowned driller in the name of Stewarts & Lloyds. The exercise did not take long, only a day’s work but surprisingly the drillers went for beyond the 72m surveyed, but no water was found. The drillers could not go beyond the surveyor’s report in case they would find a rock which would be a costly exercise to go below the rock.

I got the sad news and quickly contacted the surveyor, upon his advise he said the water veins could have just blocked due to the drilling and water would eventually drip in and fill up the borehole. At first I didn’t believe him and some 4 days later I took a rope to go and check on his assertion, to my surprise there was 42 m of water in the borehole and the school head and teachers were quite jubilant.

The next step was to bring back the drilling company to install the pump which they did. At 1130hrs the first pumping was undertaken with the children and community waiting eagerly. There was ululation and happiness in the people of Mambanje School.

The school and community have established a joint garden venture to come up with a nutrition garden, vegetables have been planted and it is hoped they will get their first harvest soon.

Thank you once again and pass our regards to all who made this miracle happen.

Find attached a thank you letter sent to us from the school.

Wilton Nsimango
Education and Community Development Programme Manager (ECDPM)
Painted Dog Conservation

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