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July 31, 2010

Dear Friends:

Welcome to your June 2010 report for The $10 Club.

In both Burundi and Rwanda, elementary school is free and accessible. For most families, however, high school is prohibitively expensive.

Every Child Is My Child supports educational development in these countries, ensuring access to secondary education through targeted scholarships. Ultimately, they hope to foster an understanding of the relationship between education and development, and the importance of investing in education to build a nation. In their partner communities, they cover the cost of tuition, uniforms and school supplies for any child who is admitted to high school.

This month, 320 of us joined together to donate $3,200 to Every Child Is My Child to underwrite scholarships for 32 students to attend secondary school in Mageyo, outside Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura. In August we will get the names of the students who pass the national exam and qualify, and in September they'll start school. Thank you.

The region where Mageyo is situated was heavily affected by Burundi's civil war, and families are very poor. In Burundi, all students take a qualifying exam at the end of primary school. Only those who pass are admitted to attend secondary school. Of the 150 or so who take the exam at Mageyo each year, thirty to forty students typically pass. This is a relatively strong pass rate for a poor, rural district. Yet not all of the Mageyo students actually go on to secondary school because of the cost.

This month, we will be providing a direct, tangible benefit to individual students and their families, while also providing motivation to Mageyo students in general. Studying, learning and teaching at Mageyo Primary School are expected to improve because students know that secondary school is now a real option for them.

Every child should have the right to learn; access to education transforms the lives of children and their families, and an educated population is the foundation for sustainable development.

Education is hope. This month you will be giving hope to 32 students in Burundi who can attend secondary school and get a chance to succeed in life – for them personally and their families – that would otherwise be unavailable. As we prepare to send our own children back to school at the end of August, it’s nice to know that we’re also playing a significant role in providing education to others thousands of miles away as well.

Saving the world, ten dollars at a time,

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