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November 30, 2010

Dear Friends:

Welcome to your November 2010 report for The $10 Club.

While the world waits for the outcome of a Sudanese referendum to divide the country in two, humanitarian challenges remain pervasive in both the north and south. Camps for Internally Displaced People are closing just when northerners are fleeing to the south; dangerous visceral leishmaniasis, a severe form of the disease in which parasites have migrated to vital organs, is spreading; and the region possesses some 80 percent of worldwide guinea worm cases a crippling water-borne parasitic disease.

The majority of communities in Southern Sudan suffer from abject poverty resulting from the crippling civil war, which raged throughout the 80s and 90s into the new century. Infrastructure is largely non-existent, while hospitals and health facilities are often empty and dilapidated, without medicines or equipment.

The Southern Sudan Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism employs members of the Acholi Community to work as rangers in Nimule National Park, located on the border between South Sudan and Uganda. The majority of these rangers were soldiers during the civil war, many recruited as children. 1,500 of them live in the Park with their families.

Cholera, malaria and typhoid are among the many serious tropical diseases affecting people in this region. Chronic diarrhea is also a serious problem, often affecting vulnerable children. Snake bites are also a daily concern. Tragically, many people in the region die every year from these and other treatable diseases primarily because these communities in Nimule have no access to healthcare.

The Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism has built a pharmacy near Nimule, where medicines can be stored. If medicines can be made available, the Ministry will also be able to provide a qualified pharmacist to dispense the medicine in a responsible and professional way.

This month, 300 of us joined together to donate $3,000 to provide a range of basic medicines for this pharmacy in Sudan including malaria treatments, electrolyte sachets for diarrhea, basic first-aid items such as bandages and antiseptics, and vital anti-snake bite treatments. Our donation will provide health treatments for the 1,500 rangers and their families for a year. Thank you.

These items are not available for purchase in Southern Sudan. My friend and colleague, Perez Olindo, is currently serving as the Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism in Southern Sudan. He will purchase the pharmacy supplies in Kenya and personally transport them to Southern Sudan.

Wildlife rangers selflessly put their lives on the line daily to protect wild animals and their habitat. The least we could do is ensure that they and their families can receive medical treatments when necessary.

Saving the world, ten dollars at a time,


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