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November 4, 2010

Dear Friends:

Welcome to your September 2010 report for The $10 Club.

It seems that unimaginably devastating natural disasters have been happening with amazing frequency and intensity in recent years: tsunamis, earthquakes, and now massive monsoon-created floods. Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Thailand and India have all been hit hard this year.

Millions have been left homeless, their lives washed away, many becoming internally displaced or refugees seeking sheltered asylum over the nearest border. Not only are homes swept away, but so are livelihoods, especially when crops such as rice, maize, or sugarcane are destroyed.

A Reuters report on India’s flooding noted that “Local television showed villagers wading through chest-deep water, carrying cots, goats and children in their arms.”

The Corbett Foundation has been working in the Corbett area in the state of Uttarakhand in India for the past 16 years, primarily to ensure conservation of tigers and other wildlife habitats. They established an Interim Relief Scheme for villagers suffering from cattle killing by tigers and leopards and a Rural Medical Outreach program where doctors go to far-off villages and give medical help to the villagers.

In September, Uttarakhand was hit by the worst floods in the last 40 years. Prolonged rains resulted in flash floods and massive landslides around areas near the foothills of the Himalayas. Once calm and meandering rivers have suddenly turned into rivers in full flow and a huge volume of water, carrying stones, tree trunks and all kinds of debris have swept away the homes of poor villagers, taking their belongings and livestock and destroying their crops. Many also lost their lives.

Tens of thousands of people are now stranded without food, water, shelter or clothes. Some were forced to abandon their homes in search of aid. The situation is likely to worsen further as lack of food, sanitation and clean water will result in the spread of diseases such as gastroenteritis, malaria, and dysentery. Outside rescue teams have a difficult time reaching those in need as all the roads linking towns and villages are blocked.

The Corbett Foundation has identified some 400 families in the villages of Aamdanda, Sunderkhal and Chukum, situated along the banks of River Kosi and on the periphery of Corbett National Park, who require urgent attention. Of these 400 families, more than 40 have lost all belongings and property due to this calamity. The Corbett Foundation has focused its attention and resources towards rehabilitation and flood relief measures for the above-mentioned villages.

This month, 320 of us donated $3,200 to the Corbett Foundation in India to provide medicines and blankets to those families displaced by recent flooding in India. Thank you.

Saving the world, ten dollars at a time,


PS. Thanksgiving is around the corner. What a perfect time to make sure you are up-to-date with your $10 Club donations and make a donation in honor of someone you care about. Just think of all the thousands of people who will give thanks for your small, life-saving sacrifice.

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